Help put the FUN into Fund!

125th Anniversary 125FUNd

We invite you to help make the celebrations happen by contributing to
the 125FUNd.


What is the 125FUNd?

It is a unique way in which individuals or groups can give a gift of $125 over a 125 week or a 125 day period to help fund Trinity’s 125th Anniversary Fund.


What will my money be used for?

All money that comes in through the 125FUNd will be used throughout the anniversary year to bring guest preachers to Trinity and to fund the many celebrations planned for that year.


What is the Anniversary Year?

It is the whole year preceding the actual day of the anniversary. It begins Nov. 2016 and proceeds throughout the year till the day of the anniversary on Nov. 20, 2017.


What will be done during the Anniversary Year?

Each month will have a different theme (see "Schedule of Events".) Activities and displays about the theme will be organized, pictures will be taken and included in the special Anniversary Book, and many guest preachers that are connected to Trinity will be invited to Trinity during this year.


How do I/we contribute to the 125FUNd?

 Click here     

 to pledge online!

Fill out the Pledge Form and submit it to Trinity’s office. An envelope marked with 125 blocks will help you keep track of your pledge. As soon as your envelope has collected the full amount, hand it in to the office and you will receive a 125FUNd certificate as well as a special 125th Anniversary commemorative mug.


Can I/we give the $125 as a lump sum?



Do I/we have to join the 125FUNd to be part of the 125th anniversary celebrations?

No. Everybody at Trinity will be part of the celebrations throughout the year.


When does the 125-week countdown begin?

June 21, 2015. On this day we will kick off the 125FUNd and the 125-week countdown to November 2017 with a special cake for everybody.


We invite you to join us in the 125-week countdown, be part of history in the making and pledge just $1 for every year of grace at Trinity

for the past 125 years. 





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